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“Because we are using to listen to great sales calls, and to learn from peers and replicate best practices, I am now more confident that our reps are saying the right things to our customers.”

Brent Sapiro

Vice President, Direct Sales, is committed to bringing innovation to the back office and making financial operations easier and more efficient for business owners and finance leaders. Its AI-enabled, cloud-based, collaborative business payments platform simplifies, digitizes and automates payment processes for small and midsized companies. The CEO and founder, serial entrepreneur René Lacerte, started the company in 2006. partners with several of the largest U.S. financial institutions, more than 70 of the top 100 U.S. accounting firms, and popular accounting software providers. Its customers completed more than US$70 billion in total payment volume in fiscal 2019. In the first half of 2019, the company, which is headquartered in Palo Alto, Calif., also raised $88 million in funding, announced a strategic partnership with Mastercard, and opened new offices in Houston, Texas.

Tapping an Ever-Expanding Library of Proven Best Practices for Sales Team Training

Brent Sapiro, Vice President, Direct Sales, at, oversees the company’s partner channel and leads a rapidly expanding team of reps who focus on sales for small and midsized companies. Sapiro says that before started using, he had been searching for a solution that would allow him to build a more cohesive sales team and accelerate the onboarding process. He soon discovered that was an even “more robust and intuitive” platform than he had hoped for.

“ offers many unexpected benefits,” Sapiro says. “I knew I could record and review calls, but I learned that I could key in on specific phrases, and fast-forward through calls to listen to specific segments as well as copy call recordings and distribute them throughout the company.’s email recommendation notification is very valuable because it lets me know which calls require my immediate attention.”

Once he began digging into his team’s sales calls in the conversation intelligence platform, Sapiro says he quickly understood the solution’s value as a training tool. He moved fast to set up a library of calls and start sharing learnings with his team. “We’ve since built a library of hundreds, maybe thousands, of great discovery calls, demos and closing calls that are helping our sales team to ramp faster and become more proficient,” says Sapiro.

Sapiro and his team listen regularly, as a group, to highlights from discovery calls, instances of objection handling, customer comments and more. “We’ll then go around the room to discuss how each person would have handled a particular situation,” Sapiro says. “And we’ll often wrap in some additional training that can help team members handle similar sales calls in the future.”

He adds, “Because we are using to listen to great sales calls, and to learn from peers and replicate best practices, I am now more confident that our team members are saying the right things to our customers.”

Jodi Maxson, Head of Sales Productivity at, is the one who initially brought into the organization—and she says the solution has helped to make onboarding of new team members much more efficient. Prior to using, reps went through an onboarding process with HR before they were sent to their manager, who was then responsible for managing them and onboarding them efficiently to the sales team.

“Now, we have a 2.5-week onboarding program, and with calls, we’ve been able to scale the process to include six or seven new team members at a time,” says Maxson. “We’re able to get sales reps on the phone faster and make them productive because they are constantly learning and getting more training through”

She continues, “We’ve also been able to scale our remote hiring with We’ll be able to ramp everyone in our new Houston office quickly and effectively by using the platform for training.”

Following Through on Promises and Out-Navigating the Competition with # Senior Midmarket Account Executive Rita Simmons, says she’s much more confident about her sales performance now that she’s using She was a remote employee of when she was first introduced to the platform — and had been longing for a way to get more insight into how her coworkers were approaching sales calls. “As soon as we got, I started listening to my teammates calls as well as my own,” says Simmons. “It helped me to learn other approaches. And it allowed me to feel as if I was in the office.”

Simmons says reviewing recordings of her sales calls has been both “fun and eye-opening” and has helped her to improve her delivery. “I love that gives me metrics, like letting me know that I’m using too many filler words or talking more than the customer. As part of a good sales process, it’s important to stop and make sure the customer is actually engaged — and not just listening to me ramble on about the product.” also helps Simmons ensure that she doesn’t forget key details from calls, including information she has shared about pricing or what day she committed to following up with a customer. “ is wonderful for helping me stay accountable for my results, performance and accuracy of deliverables,” she says. “It has also helped me improve relationships with my customers because I can make sure I’m fulfilling commitments that I made to them.”

Rita Simmons

Rita Simmons

Sr. Midmarket Account Executive, is wonderful for helping me stay accountable for my results, performance and accuracy of deliverables. It has also helped me improve relationships with my customers because I can make sure I’m fulfilling commitments that I made to them.

Brandan Tobin, a Senior Midmarket Account Executive at, says using the platform has enhanced his customer relationships as well. “I’m able to be more helpful to my customers because of,” he explains. “For example, if someone can’t make it to a demo, I can let them know that I’ll record the whole thing and transcribe the notes, which they can review at their convenience. That allows me to avoid playing the telephone game in trying to reschedule with the customer.”

Avoiding Missed Opportunities with—and Tweaking Strategies to Win Deals
Tobin recalls how also helped him to negotiate a major deal by making it easy to turn to his managers for critical guidance on the spot. “I had a discovery call where I knew competitors would be a factor in the discussion,” he says. “With, I was able to loop in my managers immediately so they could listen to the call. They helped me with other calls during the negotiation as well, and we eventually won the deal.”

And Sapiro says is also allowing his team to avoid missed sales opportunities. “By putting extra ears on sales calls when we review them with sales reps, we can glean different things,” he explains. “I can think of several instances where details that were missed in a live call were picked up during a review of those calls in The form of our proposal or the way that we shared content with prospects changed after we reviewed the call together with the sales —and that has enabled us to win a few deals we might not have otherwise.” use of the platform is also driving better communication and collaboration across functions, according to Sapiro. “ has really helped our management team from a cross-functional perspective. We want product, marketing and executive teams, to know exactly what is happening on the sales floor. Being able to highlight snippets from sales calls lets everyone get on the same page quickly about what is happening in the market.”

Maxson concurs: “ has really improved our cross-functional alignment and is driving greater synergy. Marketing, Product and Finance teams are all listening to calls in because they want to understand more about our customers. embraces the idea of ‘buyer first’ and allows us to execute on that.”

Jodi Maxton

Jodi Maxton

Head of Sales Productivity, embraces the idea of ‘buyer first’ and allows us to execute on that.

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