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Integrates with Your Existing Tools

Chorus works with a variety of video conferencing, dialer, sales engagement, and other enterprise software solutions. Connect Chorus to your existing infrastructure and leverage the power of every interaction.

Review Customer Meetings in Minutes

Chorus records, transcribes, and analyzes your calls in real-time so you can access call insights within minutes after your call ends. Trackers make it easy to jump to the moments that matter like next steps, competitor mentions, feature requests, and more. Listen at up to 2X speed to zip through calls lightning fast.

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Enables Internal & External Collaboration

Share full call recordings or snippets of key moments to collaborate, seek feedback, or share important takeaways with your teammates or prospects.

Industry-First Same Room Speaker Separation

Chorus developed its patented speaker separation in-house—which means you get real-time, high-quality transcription that can be customized to identify topics that aren't found in general conversation like competitor names. Chorus' proprietary technology can identify multiple speakers in the same room, ensuring you get accurate insights.

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Up Your Game

See at a glance how you perform against benchmarks for key conversation metrics like talk-to-listen ratios, filler words used, and setting next steps to improve over time.

State of Conversation Intelligence Report 2020

See what the top performers at high growth sales teams do to close more deals. How does your team compare?

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