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Everything you love about Chorus in one seamless on-the-go experience.

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Quarterback Your Deals from Anywhere

Never miss a beat and always arrive fully prepared with Chorus in your pocket. From reviewing calls for last-minute prep to keeping on top of deals and providing coaching and feedback—both reps and managers can do it all while on-the-go with the Chorus mobile app.

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Key Information at Your Fingertips

The homepage highlights all your most relevant recordings and team activity so you know where to focus your attention. Find calls by rep, team, recording stage, and more.

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Call Activity at a Glance

Dive deeper into calls to get a clear picture of ongoing activity. Understand deal context, such as when the last meeting happened, the associated deal stage, and who was involved to determine which ones to dig into.

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Call Review On-the-Go

Call review has never been easier for busy managers and reps. Access all the features you already know and love, such as listening to calls at up to 2X speed or commenting and requesting feedback. Watch the video or let calls play in the background so you can keep on multitasking.

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Commenting and Seamless Collaboration

Sometimes you just can't wait to let your team know about a great meeting you had or an urgent request from a prospect. Simply add comments and @ mention colleagues to get your team to start collaborating the second your meeting is over.

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Coaching and Feedback Made Simple

There's never enough time in the day. Turn your travel or commute time into coaching time. Chorus Mobile lets you request or provide feedback on calls. Access scorecards or our coaching recommendations to focus on key areas of opportunity.

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