Never Lose Momentum

Gain complete visibility into where your relationships are headed and what you need to do to move the needle.

Momentum by Chorus

Get insight into the momentum behind every interaction, so you can instantly see what’s happening across your pipeline as a whole, and drill into specific revenue streams like deals and accounts to confidently crush your numbers & foster successful relationships.

Access the Full Relationship Context

Deeply understand each customer with rich relationship intelligence insights.

Every call and email is captured and reviewable in a single view in Chorus and in Salesforce so you get the complete context of the deal where you work. AEs, SDRs, and Customer Success all get access to customer history for smoother handoffs and knowledge transfers.

Chorus Momentum Forecast with Confidence

Improve Your Win Rate & Forecast with Confidence

Deal reviews are time consuming and typically rely on high-level forecasting or intuition. With firsthand conversation & relationship intelligence, you’ll know each deal inside out as if you were a part of every interaction from day one.

Chorus Momentum Pinpoint Actionable Opportunities

Pinpoint Actionable Opportunities

Cut through the activity clutter and pinpoint exactly what interactions impact deal progression. Better manage deal and account reviews with AI that highlights if reps are multi-threading or getting executive involvement which helps you build a repeatable formula for your team.

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Hear Real Customer Reactions Right Inside Your CRM

Momentum brings you the full relationship context in one view. Listen to real customer calls and understand the ins and outs of a deal without relying on intuition.

Smarter Pipeline Reviews

At a glance, understand how engagement activity correlates to deal outcomes that move your pipeline forward. Quickly surface critical moments to eliminate roadblocks for your team.

Deal hub deal recommendations 2x

Impact the Deals That Matter Most

Deal risks are automatically identified, prioritized, and proactively surfaced so you always know where to focus your time to effectively coach your team.

Chorus Receives The 2021 Customer Value Leadership Award From Frost & Sullivan

"Momentum by Chorus provides real-time visibility into critical revenue-driving moments."

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